Anne Kamene Muoki

Anne Muoki ''As a beneficiary of the Li Tim-Oi Foundation, I appreciate the Foundation’s support to my theological training. Your intervention was at the right time and has seen me changed. Formerly I worked as a lay-evangelist in my church with little theological understanding of the mission ahead of me that the good Lord had called me into. After studying BD course at St. Paul’s University, Limuru, I acquired quite substantial understanding of the call the Lord had called me to serve in His church. I come from a cultural background where the ministry of women in the church is not fully supported. As the struggle continues to prove that women like their counterparts men are able to serve in the church, the Lord God who called me to his vineyard is proving that he is both God of women and men servants in His church.

I was made a deacon after completing my study at St. Paul’s. In the following year I was priested and now I serve God as a priest in my diocese which is dominated by male priest. I thank God for the ACK Bishop of Machakos, Rt. Rev. Joseph M. Kanuku, and the Diocesan synod for allowing trained women to be ordained and serve in parishes as priests.

I call upon you to pray for the women servants in the church, so that the Almighty God, who calls us, will always be with the women priests and pastors and see them succeed so that His kingdom continues to grow.''