Patrons of the Foundation

The Most Rev Rowan Williams "The role of women in educating and building up civil society in the developing world is increasingly recognised as crucially important, and it is an area where the Church has a central contribution to make. The memory of one of the great Anglicans of the 20th Century is a gift and a stimulus in seeking ways to build up this work as carefully and prayerfully as possible."

The Right Rev Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Christchurch NZ "Tim-Oi's legacy is to call all women to be themselves and to celebrate the love of God in Jesus Christ, and to do that in a loving and accepting way, and so to invite people into a greater sense of community. That's an incredible gift. That is something which will live on even more than her being the first woman priest. I am honoured to support the Foundation's work promoting her model of acceptance and inclusion among women through our worldwide Anglican family."

Baroness Perry of Southwark "Although I never met Li Tim-Oi, her life is an inspiration to me as an Anglican and a woman, as indeed to all women in our Church. By her spirituality and leadership she calls to all in the Church to honour the contribution which women are making and will, with God's help, make in the future. The women who occupy leadership roles in the Church today are the proud heirs of Li Tim-Oi, and I am sure her spirit is with them as they inspire and affirm us today."

Mrs Jane Williams "Women always have been and always will be responsible and committed disciples of Christ. But how much more effective their witness could be with just a little more support, investment and training? This Foundation helps women to achieve their potential and, in doing so, helps so many others who will benefit from their enhanced ministries. I am proud to be associated with it."

The Most Rev Paul Kwong, Archbishop of Hong Kong  "We think of Li Tim-Oi as the saintly daughter of the Church in Hong Kong. It was in our St John's Cathedral that she heard God's call to serve him, and where she was ordained Deacon on Ascension Day 1941. She lives on today in the lives of hundreds of women enabled by her Foundation to fulfill their vocation to serve our God." ++Paul tells how the first women were ordained in Hong Kong

The Right Rev Libby Lane, Bishop of Stockport: " We celebrate the life changing work of the Foundation set up in Li Tim-Oi’s name, providing the resources for education that has enabled hundreds of women to respond to God’s call on their lives and be a transforming influence in their communities, in places in our day where women are not honoured as God would honour them." See story of +Libby's portrait

Former Patrons

Bishop K H Ting, President Emeritus, National Christian Council of China "Li Tim-Oi was one of the saints of the Chinese Church, whose quiet ministry and witness were forged in the fire of opposition to the faith. May the Foundation which continues her name enable other women to follow her example."

Archbishop Donald Coggan "I thank God for the life and witness of Li Tim-Oi - so convincing, so consistent. He gave her such courage and humility in pioneering the priestly ministry of women in the Church. In her life he showed that having loved his own he loved them unto the end. I pray that the Li Tim-Oi Foundation's work may be blessed with the same spirit that he poured out on her and through her."

Archbishop Robert Runcie "As Archbishop of Canterbury I have many memories. Among them none is more moving than my meeting with Li Tim-Oi. She was one of the heroines of the Anglican Communion and I will always be grateful that God blessed us with her ministry. What impressed me most was her loyalty to her fellow Anglican Christians. May the Foundation that bears her name enable others to continue her spirit-filled ministry."

Archbishop George Carey "I heartily welcome the work of this Foundation empowering women in their ministry for our Communion. From my travels I have seen both what women are already doing for Christ's Kingdom around the world, and what more they could be doing given the appropriate skills."