Trustees of the Foundation

Mrs Margaret Sentamu - Chair; former CofE selection secretary; wife of the Archbishop of York; Ugandan by birth.

The Very Rev Martyn Percy - Dean of Christ Church, Oxford

Mrs Jane Poggo -  Sudanese, 'Daughter of Li Tim-Oi'

The Rev Norma Rao - Chinese priest ministering in Middlesbrough.  Read her unordinary story

Mrs Christina Rees CBE - Vice-Chair; former chair of WATCH; author & broadcaster; US by birth.

Canon Terrie Robinson - Anglican Communion Officer, London.

The Rev Lucy Thirtle - Vicar of Islip, Oxon

Mr Tom Travers - Treasurer, Worcester

Honorary Life President

Canon Christopher Hall - original secretary; father ordained Li Tim-Oi.

Executive Secretary 

Stephanie Lewis-Grey, Flint House, Selmiston BN26 6UD