70th Anniversary Worship Resources : read or download the pdf sheet.

 'Return to Hepu' : Li Tim-Oi's story as filmed by the Rev Dr Bob Browne on a return visit to China with Tim-Oi and her sister in 1980. DVD may be borrowed free from The Knowle, Deddington, Banbury OX15 0TB for showing at a local fund-raising event. US-version available from the Episcopal Media Center, or search the web for Video Libraries.

'Raindrops of My Life' : Florence Li Tim-Oi's own memoirs in English [Anglican Book Centre, Toronto 1996 - 128pp - ISBN 1 55126 128 6]. Also available in Chinese [ISBN 962-7149-96-9], and in a new Hong Kong edition [ISBN 978-962-488-549-1].

'Much Beloved Daughter' : Florence Li Tim-Oi with Ted Harrison [DLT paperback 1985 - 118pp - ISBN 0 232 51632 4]. Try Amazon for a rarity-priced 2nd hand copy.

'R O - The Life & Times of Bishop Hall of Hong Kong' : David M Paton [Hardback 1985 - 332pp ISBN 0951085107] - last copies available @ £35 (plus postage for 1kg) from The Knowle, Deddington, Banbury OX15 0TB . Proceeds to 'Li Tim-Oi Foundation

'Borne on Eagles Wings - the Faith & Poetry of Li Tim-Oi' : St Martin's Houston, DVD @ £5 post free - available as above.

'Beyond Hepu' : a video by the Rev Dr Bob Browne containing memories of those who knew Li Tim-Oi.