Sarah Nakintu

Sarah NakintuSarah Nakintu struggled to complete her 3-year Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration course at Uganda Christian University in 2011 - taking on paid roles on the campus in order to supplement our grant. In 2013 the Mukono Municipal Council recognised her 'Shalom Womens' Development Initiative Agency' -SWODIA - as a Community Based Organisation.Go to its webpage to find out what she is now doing.

Three events she organised were sports and football matches to attract large numbers from local communities in order to get pledges of support to end child sacrifice, because people were consulting traditional witch doctors who make such demands. The result of her work, funded by NGOs : 1209 pledges were signed, 275 by children and 934 by adults.

''Thanks for the support you rendered me while I was at the University
You really made me what I am today."